Goulds 4" Submersible Pump Motor
Goulds 4" Submersible Pump Motor

Goulds 4" Submersible Pump Motor

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  • Three-Wire - Capacitor Start Motor Design
  • Use with our CentriPro Quick Disconnect or CSCR style control boxes.
  • Two-Wire PSC (Permanent Split Capacitor) Design. Quieter than split-phase, 2-wire motors and reduces pulsation noise. Capacitor built-in and hermetically sealed.
  • Laser Welded - 21st century welding technology for improved welds.
  • 700 Lb Thrust Rating - much higher than competitive motors.
  • Precision machined, one-piece, stainless steel castings used for upper and lower end bells.
  • Water-filled design with non-toxic propylene glycol solution to protect the motor during shipping and storage.
  • Built-in check valve allows well water to enter motor as needed.
  • Replaceable motor lead is held in place by (2) screws for controlled compression - no danger of stripping the lead threads.