Sure-Fit® PVC Well Casing - Solid - 20' per stick

Sure-Fit® PVC Well Casing - Solid - 20' per stick

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NAPCO is the industry leader in solvent weld PVC well casing, offering a broad range of sizes and classes to suit virtually all applications, from small diameter residential to large diameter irrigation wells. Sure-Fit PVC well casing is NSF14 listed, which is your assurance that these products have been independently tested by a nationally recognized authority for portable water use. Sure-Fit is produced at our modern manufacturing facilities to the dimensional and quality standards of ASTM F480.


NAPCO Sure-Fit PVC well casing is produced with a deeper bell for a stronger, more durable bond. Bell lengths on 4" through 6" casing exceed minimum ASTM F480 requirements by 7% - 30%. Solvent weld belled end joints are designed to seal securely, creating a continuous watertight system.


NAPCO also manufactures the industry’s most complete line of fittings for use with solvent weld casing (see pages 3-4). All fittings are individually fabricated to exacting quality standards at our modern production facilities.


PVC well casing and drop pipe have gained broad acceptance since their introduction almost 40 years ago. Today, due to its outstanding physical and mechanical properties, PVC is the predominant and preferred material used for water wells. PVC compounds used in the production of NAPCO well products meet the requirements of ASTM D1784, cell classification 12454.




• Long Life: PVC is completely immune to electrolytic and galvanic corrosion, so it won’t rust or rot like metal pipe can.

• High Chemical Resistance: PVC’s excellent chemical resistance makes it immune to virtually all chemicals normally found in wells, including chlorine-based disinfectants and the highly corrosive acids often used for well rehabilitation.

• Testing performed by NSF International has shown that PVC will have no detrimental effects on the taste or color of potable water. Many customers prefer to drink potable water pumped through PVC rather than water pumped through metal pipe.

• Because PVC is a non-conductor, the chances of lightning damage are minimized.

• Lightweight and easy to handle.

• Quick and easy to install.

• Approved for use by most State Regulatory Agencies.