StormCell Battery Backup Sump Pump System with NightEye Wireless Alarm 12VDC 25A 46GPM

StormCell Battery Backup Sump Pump System with NightEye Wireless Alarm 12VDC 25A 46GPM

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This battery back-up sump pump provides uninterrupted flood control for your basement in the event of a power outage or main pump failure. This model comes with NightEye wireless technology that provides intelligent monitoring via the NightEye app and real time notifications via text message, email or push notification. The StormCell system features high-output pumping, an energy efficient DC pump for longer run times and professional-grade charger/controller.

Package includes:

  • Backup pump
  • Battery case
  • Activation switch
  • Alarm
  • Charger unit
  • Check valve
  • Plumbing and mounting components
  • AC power supply

General Features

  • Energy efficient 12V DC pump (manufactured in the USA by Liberty Pumps)
  • Flows 30 gpm at 10 ft
  • Heavy-duty fan cooled 25 amp charger (can run as a continuous power supply for the backup pump in the event of a main pump failure)
  • Suitable with Wet Cell, AGM or gel-type batteries (sold separately)
  • Dual battery box accommodates (2) Group 27 or 31 batteries
  • Microprocessor controlled with energy efficient Switch Mode Technology
  • Remote wall-mount user interface with LCD display
  • Audio alarm (features a self-reset after silence)
  • Super-bright red LED alarm ring
  • 9-volt battery backup – operates alarm in standby mode for up to 72 hours
  • Alarm and pump test buttons
  • Green LED AC power light and audible notification of power lost
  • Blue LED Pump-Run light
  • Auxiliary contacts (24VDC, 100 mA max.)
  • Compact "snap-on" activation float with integral alarm float (fits 1-1/4" and 1-1/2" pipe)
  • High water float acts as a redundant "on" float for the pump
  • Tee and fittings for standard installations

NightEye Features

  • Provides constant monitoring of your backup pump – providing you instant information to your smart device - anywhere in the world
  • Notifications:
  • Backup pump activation
  • High water level alarm
  • AC power lost
  • Wi-Fi connection lost (system utilizes a smart wireless connection monitor to prevent nuisance notifications)
  • Blown fuse or DC pump failure
  • 12-volt battery charge levels
  • Critically low battery warning
  • Basement temperature level warning (user sets temperature warning level)
  • No subscription or user fees (message and data rates may apply)
  • System works through your home's wireless router
  • Simple and easy connection using BlinkUpTM technology
  • 9-volt battery backup on control device will operate for up to 12 hours in active alarm mode and 7 days in standby mode
  • Silence or test alarm remotely from your smart device

Please note that this package requires a battery to be purchased separately.